How Movies Impacted Us and Changed How We See the World

How Movies Impacted Us and Changed How We See the World

Movies have become part of our lives. Our taste might change as we grow older, but we still love watching movies. Imagine our lives without movies, it must be boring. There will be no mobile air traffic control tower nor movie reviews that we tend to look before spending on a movie ticket. Probably, our imaginations won’t be as daring as what they are today. Some movies are bad, but some are life-changing. Some of us watch just to be entertained. For some, they watch so they could feel again and empathize with the characters. Little did you know, the movie is getting into your subconscious mind and can change the way you think and behave.


Movies Made Us See the Unseen Cruelty of the World

According to research, almost 60% of people are generalists in nature. Meaning they need to see a major detail in order to grasp that things exist or deem them worth paying attention to. Movies create awareness in the world that cruelty exists. Through movies, we’ve seen the things we thought were okay simply because they are the norm. But movies made us realize the pain of our negligence towards nike promo code free shipping no minimum and others. We are introduced to a new truth that’s going to change our perception of the world. There were movies that enlightened us about human trafficking, abuse, and discrimination. It’s easy to miss on these things when you are living the Amsterdam Heineken experience kind of life. But movies are here to remind us that we need to be part of the solution. Because cruelty is real, it exists even in the most civilized country in the world.

Reminds Us that There’s Nothing Better Than to Be Who We Are

animationWe all faced an identity crisis because everything around us wants us to be something they prefer. Great movies remind us that nothing beats being who we are and pursuing endeavors that really matter to us. It could be those endeavors that the world might think as silly like being a travel blogger visiting the Amsterdam top sightseeing. In real life, we may deny our true self due to the voices around us. But nothing is better to live our life in amsterdam city tour and keukenhof gardens in our own way, not somebody else’s way. Like in the movies, we must give it a shot and dismiss the world from telling us otherwise. Or it could be becoming a painter. At the end of the day, we live with ourselves. And one day, we’ll wake up and find ourselves old and wrinkled asking, where have the years gone by?

Movies Give Hope in Our Darkest Moments

For some, watching movies is a way of release. We have seen those movies like “Forest Gump” which reminds us that winning in life is not about being smart. What’s your favourite movie? We’re sure you found a movie that gave you a new mantra in life that gave you some reflections as you travel in amsterdam famous sights. Movies are like mirrors, some parts of it mirror our life. We need more worth-watching movies. Movies remind us that the people who won the game of life were despised by their families or society, yet the characters proved their haters wrong.