Did the Internet Ruin the Market for Films?

Did the Internet Ruin the Market for Films?

Since the prevalence of the internet, piracy became unstoppable. Who would pay for cinema tickets when they can watch the same movie for free. It’s so easy. You just need a computer and internet connection. Piracy also reflects the unmet needs of people for affordable entertainment. Since they don’t have the funds to afford sephora promo code of the day nor other luxuries of life, they tend to patronize piracy to fulfil that need. Piracy might have reached a point where it’s too hard to stop. But there should be other alternatives that we can resort to. It might sound good news for most of us, but it’s doing major damage for some of the industry. Piracy kills many industries, it’s not the internet. But if we can learn how to balance between our convenience and caring for the affected industries, is there still hope?

Illegal Sources of Films and Series


We are in a time where we can get any books, movie, series, and songs free of charge. You just need to know how and where to get them. We may have our own reasons why we do these things. It could be you are trying to save money on electronics or something else. But in the long run, it will affect the industries you love simply because they are no longer making money. Despite the efforts of the government to shut down these websites, they are so prevalent to the point that it’s almost impossible to stop. It seems that we are living in a world where everything can be copied and pirated. Today, it’s hard for people using the edarling dating site to find true love. To kill piracy is to kill the roots that feed it. Today, we can enjoy tons of movies without resorting to piracy. Thanks to streaming subscriptions.

On the Other Side, the Internet is a Huge Movie Marketing Tool

tvBefore when the internet was only available to the chosen few, movie campaigns rely on commercials which involves a lot of money. The best marketers know that the internet is going to outdo the advertisement banners they used to do to generate targeted traffic your website. Online marketing is cheaper and does not generate additional garbage or clutter from posters. It also generates jobs for writers and other creative workers. Today, movie campaigns can reach a wider audience all around the world to promote their movie. If it’s a big movie, they don’t even have to buy website traffic, because the fans take care of the “word of mouth” tactic.

Our Conclusion About The Topic:

Internet is not to be blamed. It’s the piracy that kills. Besides, everything is expected to change as we get more technological advancements as the years go by. Change is inevitable. These industries should ride with the change. Paid online streaming like Netflix or Fonz TV is a good solution against piracy. Everybody wins. We are given the flexibility to choose, manage our time, and check out movies that are not usually being featured in cable subscriptions. We discover goedkoop internet en tv ziggo and other programs that are not only entertaining but also entertaining. Online streaming will gain popularity because it provides so much value to its subscribers. Online streaming is also a great way for viewers to enjoy movies without supporting piracy because it’s cheaper as if they shop online using discounts. Movie makers still get paid with royalties which means they get still paid for the efforts they put into their movie.