Fonz TV is one of the leading online streaming platforms since 2012. We are gaining subscribers every month because not only we provide competitive pricing, but we also provide great value to our subscribers. Every month, we strive to win contracts in order for us to present new TV shows, series, and movies something for our subscribers to be excited about.

Why Choose Us for Online Streaming?

30-day Free Subscription

You don’t have to pay up front. We want you to try it first and see if you like it. If you think Fonz TV is not for you, you may cancel the subscription any time.

Always HD

Unlike with our competitors who are offering HD as an upsell or an upgrade, we offer HD as part of our regular service. We don’t charge extra for it. It’s part of your monthly subscription. Movies are meant to be enjoyed and they have to come in high resolution. We think that our subscribers should get what they paid for, and as a customer-focused company, we want them to get more.

Competitive Pricing

Fonz TV has the best pricing. You can do your own research, don’t just take our word for it. With us, you have unlimited access with HD for a low, fixed monthly fee. And on top of that, our subscribers can enjoy special discounts. We are not stingy in our promotions.